Hello, World.

If you have been chosen to be here it is because at some point along the way, you have desired to know The Truth in all things.

This writing outlet, is a culmination; and, desire to keep a record of a life long odyssey. One of contemplation into the deeper meanings of life, social issues, economic problems, art, music, laughter, … life …What it means to Truly be a human, and find a deeper joy (joie-de-vivre) from life.

But ultimately nothing has had more impact on my existence then a desire for the Truth in all things, and in all matters. This publication is all about cutting through the bull-crap and finding It in everyday reality.

About Me

First and foremost, I am a Catholic. Not a cafeteria or weekender type… An on-fire one, with a burning desire to grow in virtue daily (by God's grace), and to share The Faith with who ever cares to listen.


Got a K-12 ticket to tackle life at 17. Sat in call centers for a year or so. Did 2 years of Post Secondary in Criminal Justice, (a.k.a Police Sciences). Had a burnout during second year, battled anxiety and depression for about 2-3 years after graduating. Made the tough call to give up on a career in law enforcement. Did another year in post secondary to become a steel-toe totting, Electrical apprentice, did 5 years of apprenticeship, 5 block release training sessions in tradeschool, and now practice the Industrial Eletrcian trade.


Music, Lyrics and Poetry, Writing, Philosophy, Theology, Sociology, Economics, Sports, Survival Skills & Bush-craft, … Fixing stuff with copper wires …

The Content?

Readers can expect a pot-pourri of anything from tool reviews and FIY (fix it your self) reports, to full academic essays, to Current World event reports, to poetry, song lyrics, and anything, and everything in between… except the kitchen sink. That's the plumber's gig.